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I’m Jeannette, a writer and researcher based in Malaysia.


I’m fascinated by the monstrous.

Monsters exist in every culture and in Malaysia, they’re more than imaginary – the supernatural is a part of daily living. There’s a lot to discover about the folklore, histories, and origins of the wide range of supernatural practices and creatures in Malaysia. I want to contribute to those discoveries.

I recently graduated with a Master of Research in Social and Behavioural Science from the University of Nottingham, Malaysia (School of Media, Languages, and Cultures). My thesis, titled Alternatives to Freedom: Expressions of Empowerment in the Malay Female Body, explores a range of Internet platforms to look at how the Malay/sian female body is deployed and manifests in the three registers of Lacanian psychoanalysis – the Imaginary, the Symbolic, and the Real.

I am currently exploring PhD opportunities and am hoping to do further research in the field of monster studies and medical anthropology. If you need a research consultant for your media project, get in touch.

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