I'm Jeannette. An Interdisciplinary Researcher & Cultural Consultant

If you want to tell stories that capture the diverse nuances of Malaysian ghosts and supernatural culture, talk to me.

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Let’s tell a good story together.

I have an MRes in Social and Behavioural Sciences and am currently pursuing PhD opportunities. Besides my research work, I have over 10 years of experience in a range of fields including journalism, communications, marketing, and media. So when we work together, you’re getting more than a researcher.


We’ll work together to craft authentic and meaningful representations of monsters, spirits, and ghosts in your storytelling.

Research and Writing

I design and conduct research primarily on media and technology, with a focus on Malay/sian culture. (Currently unavailable)

Project Management

I develop systems and processes to meet project goals according to your scope, time, and budget. (Currently unavailable)

My Work

Research & Project Management

Diverse Voices

A year-long project on diversity and religious freedom in the media. Besides conducting interviews with editors, developing training sessions for journalists, and administering grants for 10 media projects, I also edited and supervised development of ‘Moving Mountains: The Challenges of Religious Representation in Malaysia,’ sponsored by Internews. The report explores the perspectives of Malaysian stakeholders’ from the media industry and religious organisations.


Leveraging Media for Advocacy Objectives

A six-month research project by Project Dialog to formulate effective methods of using memes and Tik Tok for advocacy. I led the research program, presenting our findings to Malaysian civil society organisations and USAID.

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